Flamin' Fury® Peach Tree History

Paul Friday, a peach breeder of many years is a long time Michigan peach grower who realized the peach varieties popular in his younger days lacked in size, color, flavor, firmness, disease resistance, and winter hardiness. So he searched his orchards on a regular basis looking for new strains, genetic mutations and interesting chance seedlings. The result of these early on intensive investigations led to 6
new cultivars on test, some of which were used as parents when he later began making true genetic crosses. Currently 31 peach and nectarine varieties which span 15 weeks of harvest have been developed. Jerry Frecon, New Jersey hort agent, and many other testers around the country keep him updated as to how his new introductions are doing in their environment. All varieties released have been under observation and testing for many years.

 Of particular interest, PF 24-C cold hardy successfully survived a severe winter freeze in 1999, when no other variety did. A devastating late spring freeze on May 21, 2002 wiped out 15 varieties around it. Again it needed to be thinned. Many new exciting fruit tree varieties are continuously being released. So scan his" Varieties Page" from time to time to stay updated on new developments. For example, he just recently released PF Big George, which ripens 50 days after Redhaven! It has very large, firm, colorful fruit that has tested 15 brix. The fall of 2011, five new exciting peach, 1 nectarine and 1 early apple have been added.   

Multiple tests for wood cold hardiness of Paul Friday's peach varieties, using Redhaven as a standard, were conducted by professor James Flore at Michigan State University throughout 1992 and 1993 winters in MSU chill chambers. With a score of 5 being the best rating and 1 being the lowest, Redhaven scored 1.4. 13 Paul Friday cultivars scored 2-3, 15 scored 3-4, and 24 scored 4-5. This information was vital in selecting new varieties.

Incorrect references to these varieties are sometimes made such as Flaming Fury®, Flaming Fury, Flamin Fury and PF varieties. So in looking for information on others sites about this series you might also look at these mistakenly marked sites.

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