Peach Retailer's Advantages

Marketing Flamin' Fury® Peaches

The way to effectively sell Flamin' Fury® Peaches is to call them just that.

Example: Your retail sign should read

Flamin' Fury®Peaches   PF Lucky 13


                  and not just - PF Lucky 13

Keeping the Flamin' Fury® trademarked name constant on all promotions keeps the customer coming back for a quality product that they can trust all season long. It is seldom a question, but when someone asks what does PF Lucky 13 mean, simply explain that Flamin' Fury® is a new series of very high quality, tasty peaches that ripen in succession through the entire season. This brings them back all season long for the new special peaches.

This scheme works very well and greatly increases total peach sales. It is honest and informative. I believe that it sure beats the prevalent illegal and lying system of going through the entire peach season with all of the last 40 years of new exciting improved varieties being called Early Redhaven, Redhaven and Late Redhaven, doesn't it? Paul Friday, Flamin' Fury® peach breeder

www.flamin’, 269-208-4329,


Flamin' Fury® Peaches                   


Flamin' Fury® Peaches, sometimes mistakenly called Flaming Fury Peaches, can be purchased from Paul at his farm in Coloma Mi in quantities exceeding 10 1/2 bu. His cell # is 269-208-4329


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