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American/Western Fruit Grower - November 2009

Just Peachy - When Nathan Versluis looks at you with a boyish grin and proclaims – “Flamin’ Fury® peaches are the happiest, juiciest peaches that you’ll ever meet” – you’re ready to swipe the half bushel basket strapped to his side. 

With a playfulness that tells you he’s having fun, he insists your eat one straightway fresh from the tree. Read More

Land of the giants - COLOMA – Records are made to be broken, although for peaches, one could argue they are made to be eaten.

Regardless, Coloma area peach grower Paul Friday is on his way to breaking his record for the world’s biggest peach. Read More

Stone fruit varieties - Robert Andersen, Professor of Hort. Dept. of Hort. Sciences, Cornell University, Geneva NY. -

"You'll note in my peach short list that I am very high on Paul Friday's Flamin' Fury® varieties. I've tested them head-to-head with Stellar® series varieties for nearly fifteen years. You'll note below which Stellar®'s I believe well, but for the most part, the other Stellar® Series varieties that I do not list are not as large, nor do they have the shelf-life of the Flamin' Fury® Series." For the complete article go to "Nurseries and Peach Links" and click on " Cornell University New York Agriculture".

National Peach Council Recognizes Breeder Paul Friday
- The Fruit Growers News -November 2010

Friday's Flamin Fury® varieties stretch peach season - The Fruit Growers News -November 2008

New varieties stretch peach season to 15 weeks - The Fruit Growers News -November 2007

Flamin' Fury®series of peaches is exploding exponentially - The Fruit Growers News -May 2007

Feeling Peachy - AMERICAN/WESTERN FRUIT GROWER - February 2007

Early, very late peaches join Flamin' Fury® series - The Fruit Growers News - November 2006

Are fruit growers the victims of monopsony? - Good Fruit - July 2005

Picking Peaches - AMERICAN/WESTERN FRUIT GROWER - March 2005

Flamin' Fury®releases new varieties for 2005 - Fruit Growers News - December 2005

Industry looks back at 2004 Michigan wholesale peach crop - The Fruit Growers News - November 2004

Breeder discusses his new Flamin' Fury® varieties - The Fruit Growers News - November 2004

Rutgers fall showcase features more than 200 different varieties - The Fruit Growers News - February 2004

Working for the Weekend - AMERICAN/WESTERN FRUIT GROWER - February 2004

New peach variety shows cold hardiness - Fruit Growers News - January 2004

Record Fruit - 2004

Seven new Flamin' Fury® peach varieties introduced - The Fruit Growers News - November 2003

The latest models - in lovely peach - Times - September 2003

Five new Flamin' Fury® peach varieties to be introduced - The Fruit Growers News - September 2003

Paul Friday named National Peach Council President - 2003

Would mysterious Mr. (Mrs.) X please stand and be recognized - The Fruit Growers News - January 2003

Friday's Flamin' Fury® PF 24-007 could be world's largest - The Fruit Growers News - October 2002

Regarding peach size, bigger is better, much better - The Fruit Growers News - March 2002

Peach variety tests - The Fruit Growers News - February 2002

Peaches - The Fruit Growers News - February 2001

Varietal differences should be dealt with for larger peaches - The Fruit Growers News - January 2001

Know characteristics of peach varieties - The Fruit Growers News - December 2000

Most profitable peach time may be later in the growing season - The Fruit Growers News - November 2000

Cross breeding for the big one - The Fruit Growers News - December 1999

Michigan peach acreage drops, will it continue to or rebound - The Great Lakes Fruit Growers News - November 1998

Variety Spotlight - Fruit Grower - January 1998

Tour will feature Flamin' Fury® varieties, thinning experiments - The Great Lakes Fruit Growers News - July 1997

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