Flamin' Fury® Peach Tree Varieties

Currently Available at Warehouse Nurseries.

As no one nursery carries all of my 37 peach, nectarine and plum varieties, I suggest that you contact Matt Moser as he represents most nurseries and is on my farm and in my test blocks about 20 times per season and knows my varieties well, 877-800-0077.

Usually variety availability is listed for each nursery.  But this year due to short supplies and big demands there is only a very limited supply of trees available at any nursery.  Please place your order with the following nurseries for the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

Stark Brothers Nursery Missouri 800-435-8733

Adams County Nursery, Aspers Pa. 800-377-3106

Freedom Tree Farm, Pehlam TN.                                800-222-3026

Freedom Tree Farm LLC is a one year nursery and can grow any Flamin' Fury variety for you very quickly.

Van Well Nursery Wenatchee Wa. 800-572-1553

Dave Wilson Nursery


Orders placed for trees can be delivered in one year.

Cummins Nursery


Grandpa's Orchards


Both large and small quantities of most Flamin' Fury Peach and Nectarine Varieties, + Bubblegum Plum TM and Flamin' Early RedTM Apple (an excellent apple that ripens early)

Sierra Gold Nursery 

Yuba Ca. 800-243-4653  

Willow Drive Nursery Ephrata Wa. 888-548-7337

Boyer Nursery

Pa. 717-677-8558

Schlabach's fruit tree Nursery Medina N.Y. 585-798-6198

call to place order

Fowler Nursery


call to place order

Other Links

Grandpa's Orchard For small quantities of trees, this is the place to go for the following reasons:    1. This guy really knows my varieties and can be most helpful with your selections. 2. Most of the nurseries listed above will not sell small amounts of trees. 3. A great selection of other fruit and ornamental trees can be found at this site.







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