***PF Lucky 13,

One of my most popular peach varieties

 It ripens 5 days after Redhaven and is completely freestone. PF Lucky 13 is currently my most popular peach variety. Many growers from Washington State to New Hampshire have reported that in the second or third leaf that have had particularly large crops of exceptional fruit and have subsequently planted a second block of PF Lucky 13 the following spring. The fruit remains on the tree more than 10 days after one might think it should be picked, similar to PF 23. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger remaining very firm. Almost all of the fruit from this variety is No. 1 quality. The tree is spreading, and very productive with good resistance to bac spot.

 Jerry Frecon, Fruit Agent, Rutgers University, likes this peach very much and gives it a high rating.

 A large southern Illinois grower reported that the 3 biggest growers in that area all have planted PF Lucky 13 and they are all very happy that they did.

 Lee Spencer, a Pennsylvania grower, says "PF Lucky 13 is an excellent all around variety". 

Growers in Alabama,Georgia and Missouri are reporting great success with this variety in their areas.

(2011) grower and farm marketer, Mike Churchill remarked what a sweet, great tasting peach PF Lucky 13 was.

(Clemson U. fruit alway 2 and 3/4")

This variety showed strikingly hardy characteristics in Dr. Robert Anderson's wood hardiness tests where temperatures went to 18 degrees below zero F. in January 2004 in Geneva N.Y.


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***PF5 D Big

PF 5D Big ripens 24 days before Redhaven. Its large for such an early peach. It has exceptional 80% dark red color and excellent fruit quality. It is sweet and flavorful with split pits being minimal for such an early peach.

Mike Reeves, horticulture extension agent at Auburn University, Ala. and grower likes PF 5D Big much better than Sure Crop for the same season as it is much bigger and has fewer split pits.  This variety is a winner for the very early season.

(2011 data Clemson U. 2.88" nice taste)

***PF 8 BallTM

This early “RedHaven freestone” peach variety ripens 10 days before Redhaven! It is a large peach for this early, it has high color, great texture, it is sweet and flavorful. It is bac spot resistant and hangs well on the tree. PF 8 Ball is a late bloomer. This variety being large and freestone so early is a winner for any peach grower who does retailing or wholesales to direct retailers.

(2010-2011 data Clemson U., 2 and 3/4", 11-14 brix) 

A West Virginia grower finds this freestone peach to be a winner under his conditions.

PF Late 8 BallTM NEW

This early freestone variety ripens 5 days before Redhaven, in that void that we all have been endlessly trying to fill. Looking at this photo one can easily see the amazing quality of this early variety,(both inside and out). It's sweetness and flavor are even better than the picture. The fruit has good size and is bac spot resistant.


***PF 9A-007, New in 04, 

It ripens with Redhaven and is a large, brilliantly colored freestone peach. The fruit is large with much of it over 3 ".

 Lee Spencer, Pa. Grower and Jerry Frecon, New Jersey Fruit evaluator both say " PF 9A-007 is a high quality peach and is particularly large for a relatively early peach with low bac spot susceptibility."

(For 4 years, fruit has been over 3" in diameter, Clemson U.)

This variety is being successfully grown in most peach growing states.  A northern Ohio grower who has had it in production many years has found it to be a particularly hardy variety.



This peach is picked as early as July 1 in Michigan and a month before Redhaven. It is hardy, blooms late, juicy, sweet, and has fewer split pits than most early varieties. The fruit is of much less quality than all other Flamin' Fury peach varieties but has been planted extensively as it ripens when there is not much else.

PF 5 B

Ripens 23 days before Redhaven, has 70% red skin, and very firm flavorful flesh.

It is one of my oldest selections and has become a standard in the industry

PF 15A

Ripens 3 days after Redhaven. It is one of my oldest selections and due to it's many outstanding fruit qualities has become a standard in the industry.

PF 17

Ripens 17 days after Redhaven. It is one of my oldest selections and as it has high quality, large fruit and particularly heavy yields it has become a standard in the industry.

***PF 11 Nectarine

This fantastic new nectarine ripens 5 days before Redhaven. The fruit is 80% Red over yellow background 2 1/2" up . It has beautiful fruit which is sweet and has a great flavor. It is remarkably bac spot resistant.

( Clemson U.,2011, 2.74", good taste, 14.9 brix) 

The University of Missouri Extension also lists it as particularly resistant to bac spot.

PF 8 Ball WhiteTM NEW

This early freestone white peach ripens 10 days before Redhaven the same as PF 8 Ball. It is very sweet with great flavor, texture and fruit quality. It has good size and is bac spot resistant. This is a great peach for the early season.

It is available at Boyer Nursery, 717-677-8558, in small quantities in 2012. Orders placed now will be available at Freedom Tree Farm, Stark Bros. Nursery and Boyer Nursery.


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