Bubblegum Plum

Bubblegum Plum®- This plum ripens 20 days after Redhaven and is the most exciting plum for retail marketing to ever come down the pike, in my opinion. It has the essence and taste of bubblegum which has driven our retail customers wild. Our retail patrons of all status and economic levels request this plum way after their availability every season. We sell
this plum 20 to 1 over any other plum at our farm stands throughout the season, it is an unbelievable winner. It requires another variety for cross pollination, Pipestone, Waneta, and Superior are three of many choices suggested. This variety is available at the following Stark Bros. Nursery phone numbers: Wholesale 800-435-8733, Mail Order 800-325-4180,from Grandpa's Orchards. 800-386-5600 and Mori Nursery in Canada 905-468-3217

This variety is very hardy and can be grown from zone 3 up.

Article from the Fun House

- Bubblegum Plums and Sunsets

There was a little fruit stand at the mall that was having an end of the day sale so we wandered over. They had samples out of the fruit (which is always nice) and the peaches were incredible so I bought a lot--I better get cracking on a peach pie or cobbler or something and use them up!

Then I spotted something called "bubble gum plums" and I tasted them. OMG--they tasted like bubble gum! Like a combination of bubble gum and plum--impossible to explain--but if you ever come across them--get some!!!! I bought a bunch and they were eaten in less than a day.


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