Best Peach Testimonials

 What fresh peach growers, packers and nurserymen saying about us.

“I find both PF Lucky 13 and PF 9A-007 peaches to be of superior quality, size and all around desirable varieties to plant in substantial numbers on my farm.”  

Lee Spencer, Pa Grower

Paul Friday's Flamin' Fury peach varieties have made a major impact in the US peach industry including the Middle Atlantic States. Many varieties including PF Lucky 13 are widely planted in New Jersey with PF 24-007 being the most important because of it's large size. Most major fruit tree nurseries in the US carry his varieties. This wide acceptance and confidence is a living testimony to Paul' 50 years experience as a grower, marketer and his keen power of observation as a breeder and and evaluator of peach varieties.”

Jerry Frecon, Fruit Agent, Rutgers University

We have replaced many of our older varieties with Paul Friday's Flamin' Fury Varieties. Starting with PF1 followed by PF Lucky 13, PF 24B, PF 27A, and PF 24-C cold hardy. Those of you who have had the Flamin' Fury varieties know that they're some of the best tasting peaches on the market to date.”

Tim Ray, Deep Fork Peach Orchard, Harrah Oklahoma

We grow mostly Flamin' Fury varieties, they are very sweet and the juice will run down your arms, (from u tube).”

Erik Olson, Nebraska City, Nebraska

I am on Paul's farm and in his test orchards several times per week during the growing season. I have seen, handled and tasted all of his varieties and consider them all to be top of the line.  They are all large for their season, very colorful and hang a long time for additional size and color. They have excellent flavor, juice and are very resistant to bac spot. I have been very impressed with Paul's peach breeding program and his high quality peaches."

Van Moore, The Nursery Connection

The consistent size, color, excellent flavor, and firmness of the Flamin' Fury® series of peaches has allowed us to compete with the best of the best from any of the other peach growing states. The Flamin' Fury® peaches will continue to make Michigan a major fresh peach supplier to these retailers."

Barry L. Winkel, Greg Orchards and Produce

"I have been watching your Flamin' Fury® peach series since the start and have always been amazed at the overall quality and quantity of new peach varieties that you have bred to date. Also, all of the new varieties you have in the pipeline are exciting and worthy of test.  tell my growers that they have to try them all.” 

Matt Moser, Moser Fruit Tree Sales Inc.

"Paul's goal as a peach breeder is to develop the best peaches and  peach trees available which in total ripen over an amazing 15 week period. I believe it to be in every growers best interest to stay abreast of Paul's latest developments.”

Adam Rodriquez, Hilltop Nursery, Hartford Michigan

"We have grown Flamin' Fury® peach varieties for over 20 years and have been very pleased with their quality, size and color.  Many of these varieties are high yielding and have good bud hardiness. We continue to plant more of the new and improved peach varieties as they become available."

Joe Burnhan IV, Burnham Orchards, Berlin Heights, Ohio

"In 1994 we started planting Flamin' Fury® peaches with the goal of providing our customers consistent high quality juicy peaches throughout the summer into the fall.  With each new Flamin' Fury® variety this goal has become more of a reality.  These peaches are consistently large, well colored, with excellent flavor and stay firm when ripe.  Flamin' Fury® peaches are the only peaches we sell."

Peter Versluis, Versluis Orchards, Grand Rapids, Michigan

"The Flamin' Fury® peach series has helped Midwest growers stay in the peach business. With winter hardy varieties that have excellent size,  color, and consistent heavy yields, with them we can remain a strong player in the industry."

Wayne D. Sirles, Rendleman Orchards, Alto Pass, Illinois

"We have a 4 year old block of PF-24-007 peaches which surpassed our expectations as to size, color and yield. We packed 7,000 boxes off of 2,400 trees.” 

Doug Zee, New Jersey

"The Flamin' Fury® peach series developed by peach breeder Paul Friday has made a huge impact upon peach marketing and trading at the Benton Harbor Fruit Market, Inc. Paul Friday's Flamin' Fury® varieties have extended peach marketing here by 4 weeks. When they are ripe and juicy they are still firm for transport." 

Lee LaVanway, Marketmaster Benton Harbor Fruit Market, Inc.

"We had very cold temperatures in 2008 and all of our PF 24C cold hardy trees survived whereas all other varieties are dead and dying"    

Darrell Bryant, Morning Sun Iowa 

"In 2008 we had very low temperatures and all of our Reliance trees died but all of our Flamin' Fury® varieties survived".

Banard Crystal, Door County, Wisconsin


Multiple tests for wood cold hardiness of Paul Friday's peach varieties, using Redhaven as a standard, were conducted by professor James Flore at Michigan State University throughout 1992 and 1993 winters in MSU chill chambers. With a score of 5 being the best rating and 1 being the lowest, Redhaven scored 1.4. 13 Paul Friday cultivars scored 2-3, 15 scored 3-4, and 24 scored 4-5.

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